Friday, July 02, 2010

vacate!! retreat!!

A few months back, I caught a post on Yarn Harlot's blog, where she advertised a knitting/spinning/dyeing retreat planned for the summer. It's based on silk, it's a relatively small group, and with three amazing teachers.

Being a slacker when it comes to keeping up with blogs, I was late in throwing my name into the hat, but threw it nonetheless, just for kicks and giggles. I was certain I would never get a chance to go. I got an email back saying that the retreat was indeed full, but that I could be put on the waiting list. I could not imagine anyone giving up their slot, but I got another email 48 hours later saying there was an opening....and did I want in?? (umm DUH) Another 24 hours from that I was on the phone with the Yarn Harlot herself (what an odd little brush with fame moment that was), paying up without even having minor details like childcare figure out.

Well, I figured it out.

The retreat is in Port Ludlow, just outside of Seattle. MyFavoritedKid and I hit the road this morning (a week prior to the retreat). We have stopped in Oregon for the night to visit with TheBon. Tomorrow we head up to Bellingham and spend a couple of days visiting my grandma and some cousins. Then MyFK and I head into Seattle proper to spend a few days doing touristy things together, and hopefully squeaking in visits with my friend MissLetonbeau (whom I have met before in real life) and MisterSweaterProject (whom I have not). Then I put MyFK back on a plane home, where he is met by his dad (TheEx) so they can have a week together...and I head on to the retreat. After four days of fibery bliss, I drive home solo, on the way home stopping again at TheBon's, and also getting a chance to visit with ViolinJodie while I am there.


So tonight, TheBon and her hubby took us to their downtown area. We went to a burger place where I had perhaps one of the best beef patties I have ever had in my life....and then they took us to VooDoo Doughnuts.

You might need to click through on that doughnut picture to see it better, but what you are looking at are things on doughnuts like fruit loops, chex mix, Captain Crunch, and yes...a bacon doughnut. We have not indulged yet because we are all still stuffed full of burgers...but we did bring home dessert....

and I hear one calling my name ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey, which donut did you get?

Love, Karen TDL


Good for you! Hope you have a swell time!