Wednesday, July 07, 2010

yesterday & today

Two days worth of travel photos, including one really bizarre story of crazy coincidence.

On Tuesday we:

...went back to the Space Needle to check out the view during the light of day.

...saw Mount Rainier because it was clear as a bell (and apparently you can only see this clearly 1/3 of the year up here).

...ran into friends (this is the bizarre crazy coincidence story) on the top of the Space Needle. It was like out of a movie or something. We were just about to board the elevator down when I was tapped on the shoulder. MyFavoriteKid had a best buddy in 1st grade that moved away (about 5 hours north of us). We still keep in touch and try to get the kids together whenever either one of us are traveling through. In fact, MyFK and I had hoped to see them on the way north on this trip, but the mom told us that the kids were off vacationing with their dad for a week. In Seattle. They were supposed to be doing Seattle while we were in Bellingham, and they were supposed to be heading home as we were coming into the city. Well, they stayed a day longer than they expected, and on their way out, they stopped to visit the Space Needle.

It was crazy. MyFK and I had left the hotel that morning an hour later than I had intended, had parking problems once we got there, and then just before we ran into the kids, I had spilled my entire latte causing me to buy a second one. Point being that if none of these delays would have occurred, our paths would never have collided.
It was awesome.

Okay, then we:

...went to the Experience Music Project (look! a tornado of guitars!)

...and MyFK got to do lots of hands on music stuff like drumming.

...and mixing.

...and we also went to the SciFi Museum (beam me up, Scotty!).

...and last, but not least, the Pacific Science Museum, where we watched an IMax film about Mt St Helen's, saw lots of bugs, and tried to figure out why the place looked like Lord Of The Rings.

After that, we drove to Capitol Hill where I met Amanda and her knitting group at a tea shop. Sadly, no photos. Lame.

Dinner, and back to the hotel where we totally passed out from so much running around.

Today we:

...went to the Pike's Place Public Market.

....added our contribution to the gum wall. (ewww! HAND SANITIZER!!)

...took a one hour harbor tour (Seattle skyline from another angle--the water).

...and the highlight of the day, is that we went and saw the Seattle Symphony perform the music of Bugs Bunny.

Possibly one of the coolest classical concerts I have ever been to.

We are now tucked in, and totally beat.
Not sure what is on the agenda for the morning, but MyFK has to be on a plane home by the afternoon.
Then I get ready to head to the retreat!


Lorena said...

That sounds like the best two days ever (even including spilling the latte).

~Donna~ said...

What an awesome trip you guys are having.