Tuesday, August 03, 2010

cake & comments

So the friend (whom I hope doesn't read my blog) has decided to come with the kids tomorrow, Wednesday, around 3pm (except that historically she is usually 3-4 hours late...and now I really hope she doesn't read my blog). So we celebrated my dad's birthday tonight, a night early.

My folks and I have had a difficult time finding good Mexican food since we moved up here, but TheMostImportantGuy and I scouted out a place about a week or so ago, and it's not half bad.

Even if they do put whipped cream on flan.
But the dinner was yummy, and dad seemed pleased, as he hadn't had a good plate o' mexican in awhile.


I'm know I am ridiculously erratic about replying to comments. I'm going to take a moment and respond to yesterday's though....and if any of you out there have ever asked me a question that you'd wished I had gotten off my slacker-ass to answer, please do ask me again.

Mouse asked about the weight of the yarn in yesterday's photos: Both skeins are somewhere between worsted and aran. The lighter color is about 90 yds, the darker is 100 yds (which explains it being more thick and thin, I am sure). I am thinking a hat with a little colorwork maybe...?

Pickyknitter asked about why it would be difficult doing a long draw on an electric spinner:
Actually, what I had heard was that I would have trouble doing a long draw, not because of the miniSpinner, but because of the WooLee Winder. I had never used a wheel that was outfitted with one before, and the miniSpinner that I was allowed to play with for the spinning class at the retreat had a standard flyer with hooks. Most of what we were doing that day was a short forward (worsted) draw anyhow. The only Spinners that she had available to sell that weekend all had WooLee Winders on them. What I had heard was that some people find it difficult to do a long draw with a WooLee Winder because the Winder is...well...winding the yarn on! I was told that the Winder may pull the yarn on pretty aggressively, making it difficult to do a longer draw. But this was someone commenting on the Winder, not the Spinner. If that makes any sense. Anyhow, I did not find myself having any trouble at all.

I must just say something about Gretchen's comment, even though she didn't have a question:
I met Gretchen on the retreat, and she chimed in on yesterday's post to say,
"People - this is really her, as far as I can tell." I am so glad to hear this. Greatest compliment ever. Folks, I am not a writer. My grammar sucks and we all know I have a fetish for unnecessary parentheses (and ellipsis)...ha! But what I do believe I have a knack for, is writing so that it sounds pretty close to the way you would hear things come out of my mouth. The way I put odd breaks and use one-line paragraphs? And the way I insert odd pauses or italics? These are in the exact same places I take a breath or pause or whisper something under my breath when I speak. Which of course you would not know if you have never met me in real life. It really means a lot to me to hear that I am even remotely successful in presenting myself just as I am, and yes...what you see is what you get.
Blog = Me.

Kirsten didn't ask a question either but:
Yes! Two bottles of wine are ready and waiting for tomorrow night, as are some extra knitting supplies. Even if I drink it myself and knit solo...it will be a good evening ;-)


The Bon said...

You know, I did some research after we first talked about the long-draw thing, and because a friend of mine is also contemplating the woolee winder electric spinner and found that most people say that long draw is a dream on the woolee winder in general, and that lace can be more problematic because there is a more narrow range of ratios available. However, I've read that the electric spinner eliminates the tricksy bits of lace on the woolee winder, because of the variable speeds it offers, without having to treadle your legs off to get enough twist in. Just to add to your experience, that's the info I dug up for her while we were at knitting together one night.


I _get it_that you write like you speak - odd pauses, breathes, and all.

I write the same way.

Gwen said...

See, that would be a tres leches flan, that would.

Would I make something like that up?

(I'm more worried about the candle tipping into something)

Happy Birthday to your dad! And, well, tonight will be fine, despite all the fretting it's provoked. (I've got friends/aquaintances ?how the hell do you spell that? like that. It's hard. But not impossible.)