Wednesday, August 04, 2010

no wine, but no whine

Maybe she does read my blog (she showed up 30 minutes early). Maybe she doesn't read my blog (if she does, I couldn't detect it). The only big surprise was that she hadn't told me that they were also traveling with their dog.

I could milk a whole bunch of bloggy-haha out of how strange it is not to warn someone who has pets (or not) that you are showing up with your dog, but truth be told, she didn't even ask to bring the dog in the house. I offered. And her dog behaved like a complete LoveBucket of an angel. It was my dog (who once had to protect me from an attacking pit bull at a dog park) that was full of bad manners.

Knowing that she has lots of other friends that live in the Bay Area, I had offered to her the option of dropping off the kids so she could have a night out with her friends...and that is exactly what she had cooked up. She's spending the night elsewhere, with the dog, and I will bring the kids to her in the morning. Before she left we had a nice chat for awhile, she left behind a cheesecake for us to have for dessert, and she even brought me a little hostess gift (so maybe we are back to the notion that she did read the blog...and she is a much better person that I...LOL). The kids are now off doing their own thing with minimal interference on my part, and I now have no solid reason for cracking open those two bottles of wine (although that sure didn't stop me from cracking open an ice cold beer). And this has been easy-peasy. I made up a yummy but simple dinner, the kids ate everything I put in front of them, and they even washed up their dishes. Too easy-peasy, actually.

This whole shift had given me free time I didn't plan for, so I figured I'd play more with the spinner. I did some sampling to see if I could get a 3-ply sport weight (which I have never been able to do), and wow:

Get a load of that.

Can't type anymore.
Hands too busy patting myself on the back.


Mouse said...

Whoah.. that yarn is awesome! Congrats on getting bitten by the spinning bug~

Kathy said...

Nice yarn! You are so kind to not complain about the dog showing up unannounced!

Gwen said...

What a sweet T-rex face on that lovebucket! Awww...

Sounds like a perfect visit! Even without the wine excuse. My kid is easier with a friend than without (I get ignored, of course). Of course, if I'm good buddies with the parents, then I'm bummed I don't get a hang-out too.

Pickyknitter said...

who brings a pit bull unannonuced? really?