Friday, August 20, 2010

do tell

Oh man, was this morning hard.

Our dance students are putting on a show, and the three of co-teachers are not performing this time so that we can do a more thorough job of the production work and helping the students prepare. The process has be AWESOME great, and I will be writing more about that soon (famous last words)....

...but last night was one grueling tech rehearsal that didn't get me home until just after midnight (there is roadwork every night on the only route between my house and the studio).

I woke up this morning, got MyFavoriteKid off to school, dropped my car off for it's 60k tune-up and headed over to a coffee shop to re-write my notes from the rehearsal (I am running the lights and sound for the show). By the time I was done, I felt like I was gnashing my teeth due to the combo of caffeine and details and fatigue.

I had plans to meet Brooke for lunch (woohoo! we've been trying to connect for the longest!), but I had time to kill between the auto shop and our meeting, so I decided to drive around a bit on unfamiliar roads. I somehow stumbled upon a dead end near the Napa River, and discovered the whereabouts of the local animal shelter. I almost came home with another dog. Thank god she was already spoken for and they had just forgotten to tag her pen with an "adopted" sign.

Lunch was great, and now I'm making dinner for MyFK and his buddy who is here for the evening.
Adjusting to this first week of back to school has been a bit grueling.
Very much looking forward to the weekend.

What are you all up to??


not supergirl said...

Hmm, spent the evening combing lice out of my older daughter's lovely, thick hair. It has not been my favorite day. ;)

~Donna~ said...

I was sitting on the couch watching Poirot on PBS trying to decide whether to knit, read, go to bed, sort thru things, sew up, deconstruct, or do nothing.

I chose to do nothing. Altho I did manage to get up and check the interwebs.

Gwen said...

Being thankful that now is Saturday morning! Mom's been visiting for after school babysitting, which is awesome! But she leaves tomorrow night. So next week is the real first week of school, rush to pick up after work etc etc etc.

And now that's off my chest, I think I need to make chocolate cake to take over to friend's for dinner tonight.

Happy Weekend!

Lorena said...

I am up to my ears in making ceramics and soap, and somehow have to also find the time to dye up two bags of sportweight yarn - I love my life! Oh, and I am also trying to perfect a recipe for cheese grits with shrimp and bacon that doesn't contain eggs (to which I am allergic). So I'm also eating a lot of cheesy, corny, shrimpy goodness this weekend. ... ... ... well, you DID ask...

Margaret said...

Where I was today was coaching my mother through the Yarn Harlot one row scarf that she started about a year ago I think. It has now become (for me at least) a sort of barometer as to where my mom's mental state is at--she is sometimes fine and sharp, sometimes not, and we kids are trying hard to figure out what's what, but we all have our own opinions and experiences of her. Today I found it a mind-bending experience trying to figure out why the very simple instructions--which we have gone over many times, in many different ways, with different ways of writing down the instructions--just were somehow not connecting with her. It's scary and frustrating but also somehow fascinating (or maybe that's just me trying to distance myself from things). I am trying to learn patience etc from it, but it's pretty bizarre, all new territory, me helping her with her knitting.(When she and my dad were courting in the late 40s, she knit him argyle socks -- the woman definitely knows how to knit.) Your stories of your experiences with older knitters have been a help to me, if only just to remind me to take it as it comes. Not able to express things well tonight, I feel. Nevertheless, hey, thanks. :)