Thursday, August 19, 2010

planning is everything (or at least something)

Allow me to set the scene:
It's 1:05pm. I am at the check-out counter of Whole Foods in Napa, which is about 20 minutes north of home.

*ring ring!*

Me: Hello?

Hi, this is Helen!
(Helen is a good friend and neighbor of my mom and dad's, and I swear she feels like she could be related my dad's side of the family. She's like my Jewish auntie or something. I adore her.)

Me: Hi, Helen! Hey, can I call you right back? I am in the grocery store checking out.

Helen: Oh, no need to call me back...I'm just calling to tell you that I'll be about 15 minutes late for your class.

*crickets chirp...loudly...if only for a moment*

Me: Umm, what class?

Helen: Your knitting class! At the senior center!

*another loud brief cricket interlude*

(See, back in May sometime, I met with the director of our newly built local senior center. Helen had referred me to the director to teach a "knitting class", or at least facilitate a weekly gathering. The director and I agreed it best for me to start after school was back in session, and I offered a couple of different days and time slots that would work for me. She was to check the center's availability and also the schedule of the knitter's that had expressed interest, and she would get back to me. She never did, though. I had thought about this earlier this week, and had already made a mental note to call her next week about it.)

Me: Helen, Lori never called me back to schedule it! What time does it start?!!

Helen: 1:15!!


I pay for my stuff, go outside, track down the right number for the senior center, and call Lori, the director, who basically says, "Oops!"

I tell her I can come, but I'm going to be late, and she has to let me put my perishables in their big reach-in, otherwise I have to go home first. She agrees. I tell her I don't have any supplies with me, but she says they all brought their own projects. As for my knitting? Well, that's easy. My just happen to have my knitting bag is with me (it almost always is). In it I have a sock in progress, and a shawl.

*sound of a battle horn replaces crickets : TaTaDaaaaa!!!!*

I hereby welcome myself (and you! because you are certain to hear more about it!) to volunteer gig number three....and a whole new "cast of characters"!


~Donna~ said...

Good grief. THat totally sounds like what goes on round here. Only it's usually school or appointment related.

Glad things worked out tho.

elspeth said...

Wow, I'm impressed you were able to do it so quickly! I think I would have been much less poised!