Monday, August 16, 2010


I feel horribly over stimulated today.This has been happening to me pretty regularly these days. Maybe once or twice a week, for a couple of hours. Today it was relentless though. Every little noise seems too loud, too grating. Everything is getting under my skin. Every little sounds feels like an irritant, and I cringe at certain noises that dont normally bother me.

I don't feel like talking, and I dont feel much like listening either (and I have more of both of those still to be done tonight---it's the Monday night co-dance teacher conference call in a minute).

I even found myself searching on sensory deprivation tanks today, that's how desperate for silence.
Maybe I just need some bodywork. Some QUIET bodywork.
It's been awhile.

Really what I think I need is a few days in the woods.
By myself.


Anonymous said...

Did you read Yarn-a-go-go's blog entry about her trip to the sensory deprivation tank?

Love, Karen TDL

Gretchen said...

Dang, Anonymous beat me to it - but really, how is it that two bloggers, independent of each other bring up sensory deprivation in the same week? I think there's something in the air...