Tuesday, August 17, 2010

pencils? check. pens? check. paper? check.

Tomorrow is MyFavoriteKid's first day of school. We've been making attempts at getting up earlier and earlier for a little over a week now, and I cannot say we've been all that successful.

Tomorrow ought to be FUN.

Yah. Right.

MyFK are also both feeling a little sick. It might just be allergies. We are both still adjusting to living next to a big open field o' weeds. But I have a hunch we're on the fringes of having mild colds. Grand.

Everything else is going okay, though. His backpack is all set and ready to go, I've cleared the decks of last year's papers and saved a little folder of all the really great stuff that I can use to embarrass him with when he is dating or has kids of his own. I cleared out my own binder that I use to keep all the junk sent home from the teachers, the office, or the district.

I'm signing off and going to bed early....will be sitting in bed knitting (socks) for a few, and maybe watching PBS. But I'm forcing myself to an early "lights out" tonight.


~Donna~ said...

I've tried that early lights out thing. A lot. Hasn't worked for me yet. On the way to my bedroom, I find something else that needs to be done...2 hours later...I make it to bed.