Friday, September 03, 2010


The recent chain of events in relation to TheMostImportantGuy's Dad:

* Yesterday it was determined that his blood sugar was stable enough and that the surgeon could squeech him in today for surgery around 2pm.

* They have him start fasting at midnight in preparation, and because he's not eating, they stop giving him insulin.

* As a result of not giving him insulin, his blood sugar goes spikes, but they are confident they can get it down. While they work on getting the blood sugar back down, they also decide he needs a transfusion because he is testing anemic. They say that by the time the time they complete the transfusion and the surgeon is free again, it will be after 5pm.

* Meanwhile, TheMIG stays at work to get as much stuff done as he can before going up (remember, he took Tuesday off when the surgery was supposed to happen in the first place). TheMIG's mom also runs home to take care of a couple of things because she's already been at the hospital all day, and clearly she is going to have a long night there if the surgery doesn't even start until after 5.

* Being that TheMIG works a couple of hours south of his parents, and there is a Friday commute to contend with, he leaves to get there by 5pm-ish. He figures he will call the hospital on the road for an update, and to make sure they got his dad stable enough and is in fact, going in at 5pm for the surgery.

* Closer to 5pm TheMIG calls the hospital from the car to ask if the surgery is still scheduled for sometime tonight, and they say

(hold yer hat kids)....

....that his father is in the RECOVERY ROOM.

(I'm still recovering from whiplash).

Like WTF!!!!!!!!! They just put him into surgery around 2:30 or so, without even notifying the family!!!!! The family wasn't even going to be able to make it there in time to check in with dad in the recovery area!!! I could scream. (I think TheMIG's mother might have done that for me....and she never yells. She's kinda like "Miss Nancy" I think she was even a kindergarten teacher for a time, actually LOL).
And WTF about that transfusion supposedly taking several hours, not to be completed until 5pm anyhow?!?!

I am SOooooo conferfer-fooooozed!!!

I have been getting texts from TheMIG who is now at the hospital. I guess it's now a done deal, and dad's doing okay. Just a bit woozy from the meds, and his blood pressure is up a wee bit. The family is there.

But sheesh.


Lorena said...

I... wow. Just... wow. I mean, a;dja;ldfjalfjd! But... wow.

Gwen said...

Ah, hospital communication! It just never quite goes the way someone says it will. And the way the other person says. And the other person. And that guy...

Good Healing Luck!

~Donna~ said...

Good grief. Guess we can go ahead with the post surgery healing mojo. Better late than never. :)