Thursday, September 02, 2010

my yesterday afternoon

Sorry, but this is a seriously photo heavy post.

There is nothing so surreal as looking out your front window and seeing this:

MyFavoritedKid didn't want to go with me, but I just had to check it out more closely.

Well, that was cool.
But I needed to get closer.

Aaaaaand a little closer still.

My absolute favorite part of being so close was the helicopters. They were swooping right over my head.

It was a grass fire, and this went on for about 3 hours or so. Once it was down to being smoldering-with-hotspots mode, I got even a little bit closer. Close enough to see the firemen working the perimeter.

I wish I could have captured good photos of the guys in orange suits running between the trees while the helicopters were dumping the buckets of water. I'd have liked to have gotten even closer for those shots, but I was on crutches though LOL. I'm brave, but not stupid ;-) Here the fire crew is working on the outskirts, though.

Last shot, from later in the day. The guys in yellow are still putting out hotspots, and the guys in orange below them are working like a little machine digging a fire line.

Well, so that was my excitement yesterday.


Kathy said...

Whoa! A little too close to home, no? Thank goodness for firefighters.

~Donna~ said...

I heard about that on the news and immediately thought of you guys. Whoa...close!

Gwen said...

At 2am this morning, a tow truck and police car were outside taking away the stolen car left the night before. Sadly, I recognized the noise for what it was, even before I was awake to go look.

Why did it have to be at 2am? Did they think it was enough consideration not using sirens?

Your excitement was much more fun to watch! Especially since all the work was working.