Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Thanks for the vibes and comments yesterday :-)
TheMIG himself made a rare appearance in the comments, and I'm just going to cut-n-paste it here, because it will save me from having to update you myself:

Thanks for the nice words, everybody. Gretchen's comment about my lucky star made me tear up a bit (only a bit!) cuz it is so true. (Side note: I accidentally typed "licky star" above, and ... well, its weird to be tearing up AND laughing at the same time).

It seems the good vibes worked a little TOO well: Dad's surgery got postponed several days due to his blood sugar being too high in pre-op (which we TOLD them would happen unless they admitted him a day early to control it themselves, due to the pre-surgery fasting not being monitored well at his Nursing Home... but that's a rant for another blog). So thank you for all the warm fuzzies but maybe tone 'em down just a bit so that the surgery actually HAPPENS and he just recovers well. THANKS!

Heeheee! I am a LickyStar!! :-)

Since the updating is now out of the way, I thought I'd address a few comments/questions that have been left in the last couple of weeks.

Margaret in Ontario asks:
"You mean a truly quiet fridge really DOES exist? ....Please, what brand, what model?"

By the way, here's a before shot of the old beast:

And now, the new one (*que angels singing*):

oooooo! shiny!!!
special note to Gayle of All Things Home:
you'll be happy to note that the front of the fridge is NOT MAGNETIC so ya' can't stick shit to it (Gayle's a professional organizer, and she can't stand how cluttered that looks)

It's a Kenmore 7930 (here's a link, except I got the stainless version), and it IS quiet!! It does make a slight hum when cooling, but it's barely noticeable, and only for a moment. My last fridge used to buzz loudly for an hour (gah--can you imagine the energy I was wasting?!). I was restricted to choosing a smaller unit because of limitations in my kitchen due to cabinetry, so what TheMIG did was a search for my size refrigerator, and then he checked out tons of reviews (Consumer Reports was one of them, if I recall), and he chose refrigerator that ranked most quiet out of the top group.

I am soooo happy with it! It's supposed to be 95-degrees here today, and I now, at my fingertips, I have cold filtered water...with ice!



The very observant Helen (the Knotty Artisan) commented on this post:
Is TheMIG wearing a wedding ring? Hmmm? Something you wanna tell us? :-D


man, our hands look kinda....OLD!!
must. apply. hand lotion!

Well, we sometimes refer to our rings as "place holders", and I'm not sure if I have ever blogged about this here we go!

The ring TheMIG's wears is something that I had bought for myself right after the accident. It is sterling, and on it is stamped, "Protect This Woman." I realize this comes from wedding vows, but that is not at all what caused me to purchase this ring for myself so that I could wear it.

At that time in my life I was feeling very vulnerable to life and it's little whimsies, and I felt I needed some sort of talisman to protect me. Once I put that ring on, I never took it off. About 9 months after the accident though, I had to undergo a second surgery, and in pre-op they make you remove all of your jewelry. There was something really icky feeling about just leaving it a ziplock with the rest of my personal items. I asked TheMIG to wear it for me, and it was so charming on him, it just sort of stayed there. It doesn't fit on his right hand (it's too loose and slides off), only his left had....which I embarrassingly and territorially have to admit I adore LOL.

As he continued to wear the ring, I realized that when we'd be out, and I'd introduce him as my Boyfriend, and people would look at his ringed finger, and then my ring-less finger, and that it looked like I was dating a married rather than take the ring back from him, I went out and bought something for myself to wear. I've written about my ring here and here (when I lost it recently), and it's just an inexpensive sterling ring from Kohl's LOL. It's two bands intertwined though, and it just sort of looks like it fits with his in some way.

So essentially, this whole "ring-thing" was a set-up by ME---hahahaha---and I did all the purchasing. TheMIG has definitely gifted me some very special jewelry to wear over the years, like this pendant...and also a special somethin' somethin' that I always keep on my person in a locket.

Here's a couple funny stories about the ring he wears and his family.

In the very early days of his wearing it, he would actually take it off whenever he'd go up to visit his parents or family. He just didn't even want to get into with them, and I totally get that. We'd been together just under a year at that point (and most of our first year together was with me in accident recovery mode), and I'm actually not even sure if I'd met them yet. Anyhow, one day he was with them and they were all out at a restaurant for breakfast, and his niece (about 8 or 9 at the time), saw the ring and was like, "What is that! What is that!!" And TheMIG said it was from Lord Of The Rings.

(One Ring to rule them all, and he has it! hahahahahaha)
He wouldn't let anyone get a close look at the ring or read it. He took it off, and shoved it in his pocket. Hilarious.

Then, about a year ago (when at that point we'd both been wearing our rings and not taking them off in front of his family), we were up at TheMIG's sister's house for a 4th of July party, and his teenage nephew had some friends over. He introduced me to them as his Aunt, which I just found freakin' hilarious because a) I'd never been called Aunt before, and...b) TheMIG and I, even though we are coming up on 7 years together now, we are not married. When I commented to Nephew's Dad about how funny it was to be called Aunt, he sort of snottily remarked, "Well, why not. The two of you wear THOSE RINGS. (*grumbling*) Like you are married or something."
He's a devout family-values kind of guy, and I could tell he was insulted in some way by his tone....and overhearing this, TheMIG's sister intervened and said, "Dave! They are place holders!!"

Saved by the SIL. Because I had no idea how to respond to that, and it is not often that I am at a loss for words.

And "place holders"?
It sort of stuck.

In going back a few posts to answer comments, I see that I never really followed up with a post about how the dance show went.
Odd, that.
Because I actually wrote that post in my head.
I'll try to get right on that...but this post already feels way too long.

Have a good day, peeps! xoxo


jodi said...

The side of that fridge is magnetic. You can still make a glorious clutter, and it can be an unbroken line of clutter all the way to the floor!

~Donna~ said...

Pretty shiny (fridge and rings) and sparkly (ice) too!

The Bon said...

I miss having a magnetic fridge front. Just wait until you have to clean the cat and dog hair off the front of the stainless steel. Oh, the static.

Gayle said...

Thanks for the special note on magnets, which as you know, are not my favorite things, however.... they happen and we deal with them. Nice job on the kitchen!