Wednesday, September 08, 2010

since i'm on a roll with the video clips...

I have no idea at all what they are saying, and although I would like to know, I don't need to know to enjoy this.
I loooove this video.

Makes me:
a) wish I had crafty grammies living nearby
b) wonder if they are praying to the GodOfWarmSweaters
c) want to invite y'all over for an evening of making things together :-)


Linda said...

Wow!! Amazing documentary footage. Looks like the former Yugoslav equivalent of the Sodality Society, making altar cloths the old-fashioned way.

AllyB said...

Wow, proves that you can make a sweater without all the fancy tools we pile up today. The woman spitting on the flax was pretty interesting. Makes the colonial fiber processing videos I've seen look hi-tech, LOL

Margaret in Ontario said...

Amazing. And what a strange, disconnected feeling; I was acutely aware that I was just watching this being done instead of actually doing it; I felt like I should be out there actively participating somehow. Maybe it will inspire us to, as you say, get together with other people and create. Especially loved the shaped, worn piece of wood with which the woman was beating the woolstuffs when they were at the water.
On another (belated) note, thanks for the fridge info. Mine is a fairly recent Kenmore, but could only be classified as quiet in comparison with a gas-powered lawn mower, I think. In other words...not. :)