Thursday, September 09, 2010


Just got home from dance class, and had a whole mindset for a post for tonight....but when I popped on the TV to catch the news, I saw this:

That's TheEx's mom's neighborhood! And it's ON FIRE!
Fifty-six homes destroyed so far, hundreds damaged, death and injury....due to a gas explosion.

The ExMIL lives at the bottom of the hill, and is therefore fine, but totally within sight of it all. The apartment she lived in before she moved into her current house is up on that hill, though. I'm sure she has friends up there.

Last week it was my neighborhood! (although not nearly so bad)


Gwen said...

Crazy! Saw the plume of smoke driving home from work/kid school. Didn't think much of it but that it wasn't in any of the normal plume spots. Kiddo saw it on the news and told me alllll about it.

It's not the fire season I think of.