Monday, October 04, 2010

ipad love

Oh, how I love my iPad. Let me count the ways (well, let me count one way, because it's late and I have the dancer's conference call to contend with still).

One of my favorite apps on the iPad is called iSpy. It's a collection of webcams of all types from all over the world. When you open the app, 30 thumbnails of random cams pop up in front of you simultaneously, and they are all actively updating. It tickles me so. Totally feeds my inner voyeur. When you see one you like, you can tap the screen and watch it full screen.

I have quite a few that I have favorited, and at least once a day I spend a minute or two looking at things like this:

That's a beach in Hawaii, the PandaCam at the San Diego Zoo, some amazing cathedral in the Netherlands, and....well, you'd better know the last one.

Also on my favorites list are an indoor skatepark, a farm in Sweden (with alapca!), a close up of an aquarium, the front door of a doggy day care, a lake in Norway, the Mount Vesuvius cam, a cam in a laboratory at Georgia Tech, and an outdoor shopping center in Estonia. let's not forget the elephant cam, the ape cam, the polar bear cam, and yes...the pig cam.

So what I did here for you was to watch the cams, and when I saw something cool I tapped an icon that sent a snapshot to my photoroll, and then I used another app called Diptic to make the collage, which I was then able to forward to my blogger account via email.

Like I said. iPad love.


Helen said...

Well that's a bit too smart for me ;-) I don't think my HTC Desire can do that. Mind you I can one-click publish to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter (if I wanted) and also can make phone calls :-)

~Donna~ said...


u are suddenly speaking another language...but it's still cool. :)

Gayle Grace, Professional Organizer said...

I know I would love my IPAD too, if only I had one... I've been promised one for months now, and am still waiting for the person to deliver on the promise... but I love it just the same...