Sunday, October 03, 2010

weekend dids and didnts

I DIDN'T go to the 2010 Skein Lane Retreat (the sequel to last year), because it was canceled at the last moment. I am disappointed, but I am also now getting a little jumpy because I have still to receive a refund, and I'm worried about what lengths I might need to go to get it (can you say, "small claims court"?). I do understand that it takes a while to process these things, but the organizer also had been evading every form of contact. I hope this doesn't get ugly.

I DID do something fiber-y on Friday, though (previously blogged here).

I DIDN'T go to Lambtown (*sniff*).

I DID make a firm commitment to go next year, though.

I DIDN'T have MyFavoriteKid with me this weekend (he was with TheEx).

I DID practice at the zen center.

I DID go see a couple of movies: The Town. Dug it. Very suspenseful, had my heart racing several times. And it was great seeing it at the theater we went to. It's an older/historic type theater, and it's been renovated so that the back of the house is traditional movie seats, but the front of the house is made up of couches with coffee tables, or swivel armchairs. The theater serves decent food, plus beer and wine. It's pretty awesome when you can watch a gangster movie while a eating salad and mexican food and chasing it down with a pint of draught beer. We also saw The Social Network. Oh, HOW I LOVED IT SO. And this is coming from someone who can't stand Facebook. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. My favorite things: 1) The speed of the dialogue. It felt like instant messenger or something. Overlapping. Only not. The perfect pace for a screenplay about social technology. 2) Justin Timberlake. I thought his performance was fabulous, and I am not at all a Justin Timberlake fan, let me tell you. 3) The twins. Every time they were on screen I was excited because I just loved their characters and how they interacted with each other and everyone else....and it was not even until today that I learned that they were actually played by the same actor. 4) The rowing scene done in TiltShift. 5) And OhMyGod the sound score. I mean, I knew going into this that it was by Trent Reznor (squee!) but what I found happening while I watched the movie was that I would forget that. And then the music would be there, and it didn't just support the scene, it fed the was almost like another character...and I'd be thinking, "Whoa, this music is so freakin' perfect for this's adding so much" and then I'd be like, "Oh yeah. Duh. Trent Reznor." And then I'd forget again until the next time it would happen.

I DIDN'T get enough sleep. Seems like I never do. This time it is because I was worried about one of my cats because he stayed out all night.

I DID get to do a little clothes shopping. I bought a couple of new tops, one pair of comfy pants, and one gorgeous pair of earrings. I will have to share a photo of them soon, they are just that lovely.

I DID practice guitar, and my formal lessons start next week.

I DID get to watch The Giants clinch their division (finally. sheesh.), and I got to do it from one of the divey-est of sports bars ever. I'd spotted the place a couple of weeks ago, and had been wanting to give it a try. The daytime ambiance for sports watching was perfect. Not sure how I'd fare with the evening crowd though LOL.

I DID manage to get a little tipsy on 3 beers (sipped on over a 3 hours period), and on a full stomach (when did I become such a lightweight?!!).

I DIDN'T take the photos for the blog contest (someone PLEASE light a fire under my arse).

I DID go to the dog park. Twice.

I DID revive/restart my Netflix account. Now I can stream movies to my iPad or through the Wii onto the livingroom tv. Oy, technology.

I DIDN'T spin, but I DID knit....

...and I'm gonna go spin now (while watching PBS/Masterpiece Mystery!), even if only for a few minutes.

What did you guys do this weekend?


~Donna~ said...

I rode the bike, relaxed with a book and a coffee at a local cafe, and did TONS of work round the apartment. ugh for the work. I am happy with the results so far tho. Things really coming together. :)

The Bon said...

How are you liking the wii streaming disc? We have one, as a backup since the PS3 eats streaming discs (they're cheap discs and the ps3 runs hot), but we've found the streaming quality over the wii to be not as good as we would like.