Monday, October 18, 2010

knitters! unite!

My very dear friend, TheBon over at CatharticInk is working on a special project for her dad who has just been diagnosed with "The C Word". As I understand it, there are a few more tests to be done before his treatment commences, and by then TheBon would like to have him wrapped up in a blanket full of cozy lovin' good-vibe-ing goodness.

Wanna join me in helping out?

She's looking for 8” squares to put together into an afghan for her dad. The squares can be made from any warm superwash yarn (natural fibers or acrylic), any weight heavier than fingering, any color (but think "guy colors"). The goal is for squares to be shipped by Nov 15th at the latest, but if you have them done sooner, you can ship them any time.

For those on Ravelry, there is a thread with all the details that includes some friendly chit-chat, some links to ideas for squares, and also some people seem to be posting photos of what they are making. You don't need to join the thread or to be on Ravelry to participate, though.

For the address to send the squares, you can contact TheBon on Ravelry, or through her blog (both links at the top of this post), or contact me here through my blog and I'll make sure y'all get connected.

I finished that square pictured above. When I was trying to decide what pattern to knit, I found myself wanting to infuse meaning into the square somehow, and I kept coming up with all of these non-masculine tooty-fruity hearts birdies and things. That's when I went into the kitchen and saw one of the many Ball Band Dischloths that TheBon knit for me when I moved here. See the orange and brown one in the photo? She knit that to match my kitchen. I see them every day, and so every day I think of her.
So there is yer meaning.
Infused. LOL
And so in turn ,what I have made for her dad is a simple Ball Band Dischcloth in machine washable acrylic, re-sized to be 8". Feels quite fitting to me!

It cracks me up a bit that it ended up looking like R2-D2. That wasn't the plan, but it's still funny to me.


~Donna~ said...

What an awesome project. My good vibes go up with all those from the knitters doing squares. I prob won't get a square knit, but my thoughts are there...

The Bon said...

Good mojo is always welcome Donna. It's been a very long and frustrating process for my family and we have no idea how long the road ahead is, since we may be battling two different types, in two different places, all at once.