Sunday, October 17, 2010

fall has arrived

We had our first rain today since I-don't-know-when.

Taken from the front stoop, because I have been a lazy slacker all day and never left the house.

Also taken from the stoop....a reflection of the rapidly fading leaves of the cherry tree, as reflected in the puddles.

It's been getting cooler the last few days. A couple of weeks ago it was tank-tops and mary jane's with no socks. Today it was a hooded long sleeved shirt, my new shawl, velour sweatpants, and knee-socks. It was cuddling under a blanket and taking a nap (this nap thing seems to be happening more and kinda pisses me off! That could be knitting time, dangit!).

The other thing that really brought my attention to the change of the seasons was when I drove up the valley a few days ago and smelled "The Crush." This time each year, the grapes are being harvested and make their way into the wineries for processing. The whole valley smells like the early stages of fermenting grapes. It's a very unique odor. And I love it. For me it has become my neighborhood's version of changing leaves.


Hey, I'd like to thank everyone that have left their thoughts about the stuff with my sister. I know I am not unique in having family drama, but I sometimes forget that. It has truly helped me to be reminded that I am not alone. Thank you.