Monday, October 11, 2010

knitting 1 knitter 0

Yah, the "knitting wins," alright.
The knitting kicked my arse, actually.

I finished those last couple of rows last night and I was about to bind off, but decided I wasn't satisfied with the width of the border. Seemed too narrow. There was extra yarn, so I decided to put it down for the night, get some sleep, and then today I banged out another repeat.

Then I started to bind off and decided that I don't like how the bind-off lies with the last row of the pattern now I am undoing the bind-off and tinking back an entire row of 500-ish stitches so I can re-do it. Because I am MissPickyPants.

And that's my evening.

That and turning Mt.Laundry into many neatly folded piles and rows of hung dress shirts, and watching my SF Giants kick some butt on the field.

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