Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The problems I am having with this silly little border on this silly little shawl are beginning to point to the notion that the knitting itself is no longer the problem. The problem must be me.

This shawl should be a peice of cake, and the border ranks as one of the easiest parts. It is simple stockinette with the occasional garter stitch ridge thrown in. For those who are not knitters, what I am doing in this border are the very first things you learn to do in knitting. The very first.

I knit the border as directed and then started to bind off. For those who are not knitters, that means ending it...finishing it...getting the beauteous finished item off the needles. As I was binding off, I decided that I would like it more if the border was wider. Fair enough. I took apart the bound off edge I had started, and knit a few more rows. I started the bind off again, and then decided that I didn't like the way it looked. I took it apart again, and tried again with a different bind off method. I liked the new method, but not up against a garter stitch ridge (which was the last row I had worked), so I picked part the bind off again, and then chose to tink (un-knit) back a row (of close to 500 stitches) to remove the garter stitch ridge. I executed the new bind off method and loved the way it looked, except that I could see that it was going to created a rather curled edge (even with blocking). I took apart the bind off again, and I am now re-knitting the same row that I had un-knit....and I'm now thinking I might (if I have enough yarn, because I betcha ten bucks I do not) knit a couple more garter ridges that specified and then try a different bind off.

But forget all that, because really the point here is this:
I am making something extremely easy exeedingly difficult.
And I don't understand why I am being such a PickyPants about it.

In the back of my head I keep hearing myself saying that I have so little control over everything else in life (basically control over NOTHING), that I really want to exercise the control over my knitting that I know I am capable of, goshdangit. In other words, if I get nothing else in today right or perfect or whatever...so be it. But my knitting WILL be right and perfect. Period.

Even if it means driving myself batty, apparently.

Now excuse me while I head back to the border.

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I'm on the border of my shawl, too. The main yarn got me right to the end, so I dyed some white laceweight a dark burgundy. I tried several different edgings. Didn't like any of them! So, I am just adding a ruffle. I will have about 1200 stitches on the final row to bind off.

Hang in there!

~Donna~ said...

No wonder I haven't knitted a shawl yet...

Good Luck. I'd say have a margarita at the "border", but I don't think that would help any. :)