Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the wrong way to find time to knit

Last night (when I should have been sleeping) I got sucked into a program on PBS: Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence. I learned quite a bit about the historical roots of anti-semitism, that was good. But the whole danged program made me want to jump out of my skin, and even had me wondering if I should take the mezuzah off my front door frame, for crying out loud. The program just pushed some buttons, because MyFavoriteKid has actually been harassed at school a few times over the last couple of years (and yes, I have met with the administrators about it).

One of the images from the show that may just stick with me forever is that of a little muslim girl, maybe three years old, being asked if she knows what Jews are ("Yes."), and what she thinks of them ("Disgusting apes and pigs," I think it was. I'm trying hard to block that one out.) Here's a link to the trailer if you are so inclined (I can't even make myself embed the clip here for you), and it's looking like you can also see the whole program on YouTube if you want to, cut into segments.

I knit like a twitchy nervous fiend while the program was airing, and had to continue knitting long after it ended, because I couldn't fall asleep. Had to zone out to David Letterman and binding off the shawl. Great progress on the knitting, but what an unfortunate way to make knitting time for myself, I must say.

But wow!!!! Look at that border!! Only 5 attempts to get it right!
I'm pretty pleased. My tweaks satisfy my very strange need for pleasing-to-me proportions, spacing, odd numbers, and for things to lay flat.

Mr.Darcy was VERY interested in the blocking process.

I swear to you that cat was assuming I was laying out a nice damp cool place for him to hang out for the day. It was in the upper 80's here today.

At least he helped a bit.

Who needs blocking wires or pins when you can just use cats?

I'll try to take some modeled shots of it once it is dry.


Mouse said...

What a cool looking shawl! I can't get over though how BIG Mr. Darcy has gotten!! Seems he'd get along with Ms.Kitty- my FBU (Feline Blocking Unit).

Anonymous said...

Shawl looks great. And Mr. Darcy? Elegant and handsome, just like his namesake.---Carol

painting with fire said...

Hey! How'd you get my Jack into your house all the way across the country? Seriously they could be brothers - twins even. And the shawl is gorgeous!