Thursday, October 07, 2010

wait. i left out the best part.

Ayeeee!!! I totally left out the best part of the CryingTomatoNeighbor story!!!

After she dried her eyes and leaned in for a hug, she looked down and noticed my spinning wheel (the Matchless sits near the front door).

"You spin?!!"

"Yes, I do."

"Llamaaaaa?!! Do you spin llama??"

"Actually, I don't think I have ever spun llama. Have I spun llama? Hmmm. No. I don't think llama. But have tinkered with yak, camel, and alpaca. Why? Do you spin, too?"

(The next is said with the speed and tone of a crack addict. Very fast. No pauses.):
"No, I don't. I crochet. And I've always wanted to try llama. But alpaca will do! I'll take some of that when you have extra, please. Okay! have to go. My mom is next door at the house helping me throw all the ex's stuff away. Bye!"

Sounds like she could use a little something fuzzy, doesn't it?

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That is really weird, all way around, and makes me want to know more about your neighbor. I think it would be nice to gift her some fuzzy stuff.

And by the way, yard for crochet needs to be spun and plied in the opposite direction as for knitting yarn.

~Donna~ said...

What an insensitive schmuck to do that on her b-day. yes, fuzzies would be good. :)

Gwen said...

aawwww... She definitely needs something warm and fuzzy and handspun. (stoopid ex husband)


Do you read the Knitting Linguist? She is in my sidebar, and lives somewhere near you.

Thank you for reading my sorry ass ramblings, and for commenting!

I look forward to reading you every day.

I think I would like meeting you in real life. IRL.

M-H said...

She sound like she *is* something a little fuzzy. At the moment, anyway. :)

Karen said...

Oh your neighbor definitely needs something fuzzy (or fluffy--or both).

Perhaps (and I hope this isn't too personal) she's reaching out to you because she has a feeling that you have experienced loss and that you may understand how she's feeling right now.

How could a guy dump a woman who loves llama so much?