Monday, December 06, 2010

git er done

So, I didn't start up a new knitting project.

I ended up instead pulling out the box of wayward knitting projects. It's not a big box, and it's not a full box, but there were several projects doing a "time out" in there for one reason or another.

A couple of things I frogged and re-wound the yarn. They were projects where really the problem was that I like the yarn, and I liked the project, but I didn't like the pairing of the yarn with the project. The big ticket item in there is a sweater that I was working on that I really need to decide what to do with. It was turning out great, but it was also quite the fitted garment, and given my curvy status I need to figure out some shaping magic before I can proceed.

What I did pull out and work on finishing today was a sock, and that is what I am going to get back to knitting on y'all have a lovely night!


~Donna~ said...

'tis the season for re-making...

I've just taken back that ginormous blanket I made via tunisian crochet with my giant hook. It was so big there was not a machine big enuf to wash it!

I now have one half of the blanket cast off as one smaller one and the second one is currently in progress.

It's working up rather quickly, but it's still not fast enough! :)