Tuesday, December 07, 2010

a report from the health dept.

I am feeling better. Not top speed, but better. Today at the convalescent hospital I told TheLadies that I was, "not running on all 6-cylinders," and one of them said, "You've been missing at least one cylinder for as long as I've known you." I'm pretty sure she was referring to my missing a leg, but still....jeez! LOL I love my ladies ;-)

I picked up MyFavoriteKid from youth orchestra rehearsal at 6pm, and rather than greeting me with a hello, he announced that he wanted some Airborne and Vitamin C. He's been on a downward spiral the last couple of hours. I'm not convinced he caught the crud from me, though. His whole school has had it. I do believe another round of chicken soup is in my future.

TheMostImportantGuy's dad is not doing so hot, either. Honestly, he has not been doing so hot for about a year now. It's been bladder cancer, infections, blood sugar issues, an amputation, more infections...on and on and on, really....and all of it has been seasoned lately with a bit of depression, I would venture to guess. Now today he is showing signs of who-knows-what (more tests tomorrow), but the guess is that he might be developing some sort of kidney or liver issue. He's super weak and turning yellow. Stay tuned.

The gecko, however, is awesome. He has regained his appetite. Big time. He almost bit my fingers when I was trying to drop a few waxworms in his tank, he was so enthusiastic about it being dinner time. He's been very alert and eating for a few days now (woohoo!), and he has had a normal looking shed take place....but his tail still looks realllllly funky, and I have a feeling he might drop it. Losing their tail is not uncommon when they are ill, under attack, or stressed. Lucky for him, when he loses a part he just grow a new one.

Oh, and the cat is worm free ;-)


Karen said...

Chicken soup. With lots of garlic. And lots and lots of "I love you" for MIG's dad.