Wednesday, February 02, 2011

i have to admit it's getting better...

...a little better...all the time ;-)
Although it still kinda sucks.

I would have to say that the current state of things is that I am not "fortified" enough to handle the stupid little "blips" that come up in daily life.

On the good side, the weather was great today, I got some sunshine and fresh air, made a long overdue phone call to my grandma, had a nice chat with my mom, and I dealt with the DMV because my driver's license expires Friday (how's that for down to the wire). I had to go in for the written exam and a new photo. Oh, and I also took care of all the tasks that needed to be done for the required volunteer duties with the Youth Symphony.

On the bad side, the kiddo started my day by forgetting a crucial component of a science project that was due today, so I had to run back and forth a couple of times....and then this afternoon he got food poisoning from chicken at a fast-food joint and is presently in a post-barf prone position with a hot water bottle.

And I am just delicate and easily rattled. Sensitive! Emo! LOL

At least I'm finally back to laughing at myself.
I think I'm on the upswing.