Tuesday, February 01, 2011

attempts at balance

I'm really really tired. Tuesdays are always long. They start with making rounds at the convalescent hospitals.

My visit to see "The Ladies" went well, but half of them have been sent to the regular "hospital-hospital" with breathing problems, and one of my favorite ladies of the bunch was moved to a facility in Southern California by her family so they could be closer to her. It's a great deal for her, but man...she will be missed. She was very informed on current events and always contributed greatly to discussions when we'd all be sitting and chatting together. Not to mention she was just plain sweet.

James just looked flat out ill. For the first time in years he asked me not to bring him food because he's not hungry. His lips still look blue, his ankle looks swollen and huge, and he confided that his urine looks like brewed tea. Our visit was cut short because the traveling x-ray folks had showed up to see him. He just finished a course of antibiotics and they took a urine sample which is still being tested....but I dunno. He's resilient. But I just have a bad feeling about this one.

Meanwhile, I'm doing everything I can muster to take care of myself. I finished January's spinning last night, and it feels good to meet at least one goal. I took some time this afternoon while MyFavoriteKid was at symphony rehearsals to sit outside and get sunshine and fresh air and visit with friends. Instead of news radio I listened to tooty-fruity soothing muzak in the car (how funny--muzak is not activating spellcheck...but "spellcheck" is...hahaha). I am eating well. Quite well, actually. And I even knit a little bit today, which is great, because for some reason, I have barely knit since the New Year (I think I need to cast-on something more colorful and full of lacy holes perhaps....knitting plain ol' vanilla socks in a neutral shade are great as an on the fly project, but I think I need something complex right now to take my mind off things).

Anyhow. Like I said, I am pooped. I just caught myself dozing on the couch and it's only 9pm, so I'm going to get ready to hit the hay.