Sunday, February 13, 2011

last days of slackin'

A photo of:
~the lap of TheMostImportantGuy
~who was flopped out on the couch all day getting over a headcold
~his 2nd box of tissues
~his Kindle, which was passed back and forth between us all day as we played Scrabble (I won, best two out of three...mwahaha)
~the face of one Teeny chihuahua, and the white leg of NumeroUnoDogDog who was sleeping upside down in a pile of throw pillows and fuzzy blankies

I've been in pj's all day like a total slacker, and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially knowing it may be the last time I have a day like this in a looooong time.
Barring unforeseen circumstances (and we've worked diligently to foresee them all), we'll be closing escrow on that cute little house....and every weekend from here on out will be spent fixin' her up. 'Cuz she needs a lot of fixin' up, as lovely a lady as she is.

No more pj's for me.
A paint brush, a belt sander, and TheMIG says, "a smock."

I keep forgetting to take a pic of that fiber I spun up, dangit. I will try for it tomorrow, but I understand our spring-like weather is fading back to the normal winter weather, beginning with a week of rain. Natural lighting might not be working in my favor. But I will try. I have it out right next to the laptop with the camera, which is the tabletop equivalent of tripping right over it ;-)