Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!
A Card from me to you...

~~~ XOXOXOX ~~~

Finally, photos of January's spinning. Here's the beginning and ending shots:

For the first time ever, I haven't figured out how many yards I have, or the weight of each ball, or what type of yarn of made (although it looks fingering/sport-ish).

I also have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I was aiming for socks since it's superwash wool, but I'm not sure the structure is consistent enough for the wear socks would get. Maybe some very perky armwarmers.

This was my first time doing a Navajo Ply, and the end result has some consistency issues, but I also had issues with the consistency with the singles in the first place. I think the singles inconsistencies might have been less obvious with a traditional 3-ply, and so there's my lesson learned this time. Gonna N-ply?? Be Consistent!!

For February's spin, I had this great idea top take something out of the "Year of Spinning" box so I could swap it out with this...

...because it's called "Complicated Soul," and I feel like a complicated soul, so how perfect, yah?
Except now I see that the colors are pretty danged similar to last months spin, and I want to mix it up.
And so now here I am, mid-month, and I haven't started February's spinning. I haven't even picked out a bundle of fiber from the box! Gah!
Time to get busy.


Unknown said...

Eh. Not that similar. Go for it. You want to spin it, so why complicate matters?

~Donna~ said...