Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Since I don't want to shoot myself or at anyone else, today the bullets will go here:

* Today was odd because I didn't make my regular convalescent home rounds. There was no weekly visit with "TheLadies" today because their convalescent facility is on quarantine status. The whole place is coated with flu bugs, so no group activities are allowed. Everyone has to keep to their own rooms. The activities director asked me if I'd come anyhow and go room to room to visit the uninfected people, but I said nay to that. I don't do flu shots, and I can't afford the risk.

* I didn't see James either, because he has been moved from his convalescent hospital to the "hospital-hospital" because he'd been peeing colors (which seems to have stopped), but he is still having breathing problems.

* I got a call from James later this evening that he is being moved from a regular hospital bed into the Intensive Care Unit. Not so good. I spoke with the nurse tonight and they can't tell me anything because I am not family, and because James wont let me speak on his behalf. I will be going in tomorrow to see what else I can do or find out.

* I came home to discover that the chihuahua had taken apart another skein of yarn.

It certainly was NOT left out at wee-little chihuahua level. I am now smarter than than (but barely, it would seem). She must have had to work for it. I had it out because TheMIG's neice wants a single leg warmer type thing to cover her knee-brace....but I didn't leave it down low.

* I should also mention that I had to go to the laundromat today so I could use those uber-jumbo machines to wash my comforters and duvet covers, because that same chihuahua is still quite confused about where to pee. Damn her. Crate training starts this weekend, by the way. I would have started sooner, but I had to special order a crate for her because she is too tiny for the smallest crates they normally keep in stock. This chick is HIGHHHHHH MAINTENNANCE.

* I spent much time today trying to fix an old Aran sweater of my mom's. It's old, and it's just gorgeous, but it has a stain on the front, and lots of discoloration. I cannot even tell you how many round of washing this thing has been through and how much research I have done about how to clean it. It's looking better, and I have one more thing to try, but honest to gawd, I'm not a miracle worker. I'm not sure this thing was EVER washed, to be honest with you. Several rounds of washing later, and I am still getting silt at the bottom of the tub. The stains are lighter, but I'm sure it was stored dirty and it's just set deep in the fiber. I've tried several wool washes and also vinegar, and now lemon juice and sunshine. I'm open to other ideas if y'all have any. Meanwhile, mom is complaining that she wont get the sweater back until spring (which, at the rate I am going, may be true)....but she's also not the one leaning over the bathtub (on ONE KNEE mind you), wrangling--but not wringing!--82 lbs of wet wool.

* I am busy with details about the new house. Some of what I am doing is completing actual tasks, getting contractors lined up for things that need to be done immediately after closing, but I'm also doing the whole "rearranging furniture and choosing wall colors" every time my brain has a chance to. Even when sleeping. Gah.

* I am busy tonight knitting up a few sample swatches for Brooke to use in her booth at Stitches this weekend....which I am enjoying doing for her.... but I probably don't even get to go to Stitches again this year. This will be two years in a row I am missing. Last year it was because of dance rehearsals. This year I decided I would NOT perform at our usual March venue, because I wanted to be sure I could do things like Stitches....and now this year I'm not doing either. Yay me.

And sorry for not including links to things and photos of swatches and dirty aran sweaters and rings around my tub and cute chihuahuas, but I'm tired, and off to bed.


~Donna~ said...

Hate to state the obvious here, but couldn't Mom have done some of the multiple washings up front - with instructions from you if necessary?

If stains don't come out, maybe you can change the color? I know I'd hate to do that if it's a lovely cream, but if the stains won't come out with all you've done, you might not have a choice.

Maybe take it to a professional and let them deal with it?

Hope James is OK. Sending good thoughts.

~Donna~ said...

Couldn't you guys have done the washing together? There's no reason why someone couldn't help you wrangle that sweater.

I would have made Spencer help me once or twice. :)

If stains don't come out, maybe you can change the color? I know I'd hate to do that to a gorgeous old sweater, but if the stains won't come out with all you've done, you might not have a choice.

Maybe take it to a professional and let them deal with it?

Hope James is OK. Sending good thoughts his way.

~Donna~ said...

PS... I would have made Spencer help me. :)

Karen M said...

I hope (for his sake) that teeny doesn't develop a taste for handspun. On the aran front, I once dyed a much-loved sweater that was badly stained. It turned out very well. Indigo anyone?