Thursday, February 10, 2011

a note from mom

The other day I post this vintage photo of me not knowing where it was taken or wtf animal that was in my lap.

Mom emailed me:

Hi - the photo on your blog was taken in our house in Framingham, Ma. You where sitting on our couch on our sun porch. You were reading a book to our new kitty in your lap. I got this special cat from my mother (cost me a few bucks!) but after we had her for only a few days it got very sick - I rushed it to the Vet's where it was determined it had a defective heart and then failure......boy, did I ever cry! That kitty was so cute, and a very special kitty.

That's the story.......
Love, Mom

Neat to have the details.

Yesterday I felt so great and so back on track, and then today came along and I felt like I was kicked in the teeth. Luckily dance class tonight straightened me right out.