Sunday, March 06, 2011


I cannot believe this is Sunday evening! Can you??

I definitely remember working hard fixing up the new house last weekend, and I know I did more of the same thing this weekend, but the two weekends are sort of running together like one!
What a blur!!
I don't even really remember much about the weekdays in between!

Well, ...except I have this faint recollection of doing even more stuff for the new house during the week, too (plus something to do with convalescent hospitals and teaching at the senior center and oh, yes....piles of laundry and dirty dishes are now floating by in my mind).


Today it was raining, and I'd really would have preferred to have been curled up on the couch with a movie and my knitting. Instead, I've been working on the curtains for what we are calling "the sunroom". Someday it will be the room where I practice dance, and it will also be our meditation space.

One wall of the room is entirely glass.
Twenty-two feet of glass.

(this was taken the day we made our offer on the place, so it's an old shot. the pool is now more blue and full of water...but please do try to ignore that defunct jacuzzi...because it's still....defunct)

Actually, it's 22 feet not including that last sliding glass door on the right that really enters into the dining room. Really, what I am covering is more like 27 feet of window.

For this wall of glass we went to IKEA and chose some tab curtains in a white cotton. But we also chose a track system for hanging them that is not designed to work with tab curtains. We knew it was a mismatch, but we really loved the fabric and we also really needed this particular mounting system for the space.

Of course I, being the crafty one, well I just knew that I could alter the curtains (ha! fool!). Which I am doing now. All 22+ feet of fabric. First I washed all of the panels (woohoo--fun times), because the package says to plan for 4% shrinkage. Being white cotton, you can be sure they'll be laundered again, so I thought I'd nip this shrinkage thing in the bud

Next step, which I am doing now, is to use a seam ripper to remove the tabs on the tab curtains. I know. Smart. By tab curtains, remove the tabs. Sheesh.
Anyhow, as I remove the tabs, the curtains can be hung with the clips we bought. I am also pinning the curtains to prepare for hemming. So lots of pinning. With the box of 250 glass head straight pins.
That I have dumped onto the floor.

*sigh again*

Well, I am happy to report that there is progress in the new house, at least. We did a lot of window cleaning, cobweb vacuuming, baseboard wiping, and adding a couple of personal touches this weekend. I'm pleasantly surprised to find that just by removing the layers of dirt I am feeling like perhaps things are not quite as bad as they seem.


Lorena said...

You have no idea how much I want to hop on a plane and come help you with that house. And by "help" I mean "pour drinks." ;-)

jodi said...

Every little peek you show us of this place is something delightful. All of this work is going to be worth it!

~Donna~ said...

been there, done that with the whole 50 yards of fabric that should be curtains...

Not fun, hope the curtains cooperate!

Sounds like things are really coming together!