Tuesday, April 19, 2011

breathing room

Wellp, today was the first day in a good long time, that I felt some sort of inner calm (all hail the mighty power of TheDateNight!), and that's saying something, 'cuz Tuesdays are always a bit nuts.

On Tuesdays there's lots of driving, more than the average day's worth of errands and to-do's, and lots and lots of convalescent hospital stuffs.

I feel like I accomplished more than is reasonable today, and I didn't even flip out on anybody in the process (not even the twit that almost ran me off the road). And the things I didn't get done I'm not even worried about, because hey....tomorrow is another day.

a special "yay" to Hyperbole and a Half for sharing artwork!


~Donna~ said...

LOVE the art. Going to check out more when I have a chance.