Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Last week, after the duct and furnace guys finished up their work at the new house, their "scheduler" called me to arrange for their boss to come down for a final walk-through.....partly to make sure we were happy, and also to pick up the cash, of course ;-) The scheduler told me that the BossMan would be bringing a little thank you gift with him, one she was sure I would like.

I had images of him arriving with a box filled with a chamois cloth to dust off our shiny new ducts, or maybe some stainless steel polish to buff up the rocket-ship sized furnace, probably a "Thank You For Business" card, and perhaps a discount coupon for ordering replacement filters or something.


Today TheBossMan shows up at the door with a big thank you, a big grin, a big bill to pay, and a big ol' box... OF THESE:

Seems to me that if you eat them all you become padded enough that you no longer need to turn on the heater.

But what do I know...hahahahaha.