Sunday, April 17, 2011


I just spent the evening cleaning up the embarrassingly LARGE FreebieFriday mess I ave created. Pass the Bloggy Ex-Lax, please. Sheesh. Talk about being backed up!!

I just scrolled through all of my posts since I started the Freebie at the beginning of the year. January went pretty smoothly. I listed things, people won, stuff went out. Huzzah. But things shifted very quickly in February (hmmm, fancy that---that's the same time the rest of my life got sloppy...can you say escrowwwww??).

I only did 3 out of the 4 Fridays in February (took one of the weeks off for my birthday), and NOT ONE of the three people that won in FEBRUARY has had their stuff shipped out them yet (that would be Karen, theyarnstashisattacking, and notsupergirl). I am full of shame, ladies. But I also just spent the evening wrapping and addressing your packages (after going through about 18 pages of emails to find yer all's addresses), and I have tucked extra goodies inside your boxes in an attempt to make all of us feel better. I can't go to the post office Monday, but I CAN and I WILL go Tuesday.

*(Jodie: thanks for mentioning the priority mail pick-up. I'm going to look into it. I've heard about it, but never tried it, but only because I have been assuming that they won't pick up in my neighborhood. Where I live we don't get mail to our door, it goes to a centralized cluster of boxes. I'm going to ask the mailman, though!)

Then March rolled around, and I posted Freebies on only 2 of the 4 Fridays...and then never drew for them. Neato, eh? LOL Well, with the help of the RandomNumberGenerator, I just took care of that:

The winner of that knitting bag from wayyyy back in February is Barb (please email me your mailing address...I have your package already boxed up. It just needs your address on it!)


The winner of the
skel-animal kitty all tied up in yarn (the one I still cannot believe more of you didn't fall in love with LOL) goes to NoBlogRachel (and it sure does seem like I should already have your address girlie, but if I do, I can't find it. Gah. Please send!)

In April, I didn't post any Freebies at all, even though I still have quite a stockpile of things to be given away....So come back this Friday, will ya'?


not supergirl said...

No shame, just let that one go. All we can do is move forward, right? And sheesh, it's not like you kicked someone in the face, you just didn't send them their gift as soon as you intended. I think we'll all get over that one. :)
Take care, and be good to yourself.

thestashattacked said...

Not a problem! It's been crazy town around here too, so I understand. ;)

Jodie said...

We don't have house mail either! Just a central box area and they still come pick up the packages. Super easy. :) Good luck.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

What not supergirl said. No reason to feel badly about this! You're doing something kind and generous - just because you're not completing the last step as quickly as you had planned is no reason to be down on yourself.

And yay! That crazy little cat thingy - I know the girl who will love it and give it the perfect home. Thanks!