Monday, May 23, 2011


As you know, I missed doing the regular Freebie Friday thing, and I know I said I'd do it today, but I've changed my mind, and I'm really sorry, but it's just the way it is. I'm fickle ;-)
I'm just gonna wait to catch up until this Friday.

But I have other things I need to take care of here.

Hey. Do you remember my telling you that there is one room of the new house that we call the sunroom? And that it overlooks the patio and pool? And that it's called the sunroom because....well, because it's sunny, duh...but because one entire wall of the room is floor to ceiling windows?? I'm sure I've mentioned it. It was washing that 27-foot expanse of windows that caused me to blow out my shoulder and create my new arm pain. Remember?

Well. Today the flooring contractor started (which means the FINISH LINE is in sight, by the way). The floor guy is refinishing and resealing the entire upstairs floor, plus the downstairs bedrooms. He is also ripping out that nasty-ass carpet that is in the sunroom, and he is putting in wood floors in there.

He calls today, about 4pm.

"The floors are all sanded and have received their first coat! But you have a little problem in the sunroom. Well, actually I have a little problem in the sunroom. I broke one of your windows. A nail shot out incorrectly, and it took out the inner pane of the dual paned glass."

Kids, that panel of glass is about 6' x 7'.
Sure am glad it is his little problem.

Well, money-wise, at least. It still is my problem, because he's asking me to make the arrangements to replace it. TheMostImportantGuy helped me sniff out a glass place (the ones I called were only scheduling a couple of weeks out). And I called our handyman to see if he could put something up to keep it from being a hazard in the meantime. But it will be me that needs to be there to meet with the glass dude, make sure the floor-guy is in agreement with the bid, and then oversee the installation. Whenever that is.

It's just funny to me, at this point.

See, I was looking at my schedule for the week last night, and I said to myself, "WOW, this is going to be one crazy week! I have all of the regular stuff I need to do, plus MyFavoriteKid has several end of school year events, plus there are end of season Youth Symphony things, plus my wheelchair broke and I have to get that repaired, plus I'm scheduled for my mammogram this week, plus I have a dentist appointment, plus they want me to go in for a nerve conduction study on my arm....holy crap, it's one of those weeks where the schedule is so packed that if one extra thing comes up, I'm sort of screwed!!"

And now something has come up.


I think I'm only laughing about it because....well....once you do the obvious and schedule the repair, what the f%#$ else are you gonna do?!!


Jen Anderson said...

Reschedule the mammo (provided it's just regularly scheduled maintenance). Your boobs will still be there next week.

Ditto the dentist.

The Bon said...

That right there is why tempered glass is an amazing thing. So glad it's not a house full of shards instead!

I agree with Jen. Reschedule what you can, and see if you can whittle that list down a bit!

~Donna~ said...


Just Boo.


Pickyknitter said...

He broke it, he can arrange to fix it. End of story.