Tuesday, May 24, 2011

half-arsed and distracted...

...because I am typing this while watching the season finale of Dancing With The Stars. This is not at all a regular thing for me, but I somehow got sucked in when this go 'round when they got down to about the last 5 or 6 dancers or so.

So I'm typing during the boring parts and commercials LOL.

How about I do a little generic response to comments and oooooo....wait! I know! First I will show you my own little dance floor?

In progress, of course...but GET OUT !!! Dudes! Will you look at that?!!!!!

Still to be sanded, still to be sealed, and in the end it should look a little bit closer to the existing floor. Not exactly, not perfectly, but the goal is to have it feel like it "belongs". It should flow. The existing floors were installed in 1932, so hey. One of my favorite things about this floor guy is that he really wanted to match the wood exactly (same type of wood--white oak, same width boards, same method of installation). Everyone else bidding was pitching engineered flooring that wouldn't match. Another favorite thing about this floor guy is that he is doing some special tweaks for me to make a really smooth and gradual transition between the rooms for my wheelchair (the sunroom/dance area is a different height and could not be tweaked because it is slab concrete).

My other favorite thing about this guy is that he's an independent local. And this is exactly what bums me out so much about the broken window. Yeah, it's his fault the window broke, but I'm really bummed knowing that it will affect his bottom line, and that he's going to lose money on this job. I mean, he's a one man guy (with a couple of guys in tow on busy days). He does have insurance, and all...but he's going out of pocket on this one. He's really been stand up and professional about the whole thing.

As for why it is me that is making the arrangements for the repair and not him, well....I think it actually makes sense. This way he's not bringing another contractor onto the property (and one that he doesn't know, because he's never had this happen before), and this way we don't have to doubt the quality of the work. I'm cool with it. Someone is coming Thursday morning to look at the job, and I asked the floor guy if he wanted me to get a second bid since he's paying, and he's really fine with whatever we need to do. We'll just take it out of the final payment.

Ok. As for cutting down the to-do list this week.
I don't see it happening. It's achievable, just packed. Packed, packed. I couldn't cancel the dentist because it was not a routine visit. I had gone in a couple of weeks ago to replace an aging partial crown, and I had to go back this week to get the temporary out and the permanent new thing in.

And as for the mammogram, while I was due for one this year anyhow....this is not something I'm wanting to postpone. I noticed some changes a few weeks ago. I saw the ob-gyn last week for a manual exam, and she noticed it, too. She's pretty sure it's just a fibroid that was noticed a few years ago that we've been keeping an eye on, but she agrees that I should keep my appointment. You never know if something wicked is lurking behind there.

M'kay. I'm off to finish the show. Pardon the typos and babble if there is any, because I'm not re-reading this! G'night all :-) xo!


~Donna~ said...

I was finishing up the secret knitting project during the show.

I love watching that show!

Hope everything works out with all your appointments, etc.

I've been putting off some blood work...

Unknown said...

Good luck with everything. I hope I didn't sound like I was making light of health stuff--just trying to give you a laugh.

~Donna~ said...

PS...looks like laptop is fixed? :)