Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am feeling quite lost today without the laptop. TheMostImportantGuy is arranging to have his IT department fix her up. Apparently the virus I contracted was a doozy, and the whole harddrive has to be pulled out and connected to another unit or something (since I am not computer literate and therefore know not how else to describe it). All I know is that replying to emails and creating blogposts is more difficult.


Things at the new house are cruising along. The insulation guy is doing his thing on Monday, and then what we need to do with the "guts of the house" are done. Then we're on to paint and floor refinishing and installation....and's a break, and TheMIG moves in.

And thennnnn..... we fix the in-law unit (go team!).

Speaking of teams, I'm watching the baseball game, so I'm gonna get back to that...and my knitting!

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