Thursday, May 12, 2011

very very sad.

***I wrote this and posted this Thursday at 5pm, but blogger was down from noon Thursdy until Friday morning!!

No more Tad.

Tad, TheMostImportantGuy's kitteh, is "no moar".

Tad was a quiet and slightly gumpy ol' man of 17. His age was beginning to show the last few years, but a few weeks ago, TheMIG brought him to the vet for a booger-y nose and serious lack of appetite, and it was determined that Tad's kidneys were just huge with cancer and that he didn't have long given the signs.

For the last few weeks, every time TheMIG has stayed over, he has brought Tad with him. We have made the den his bedroom, but we'd bring him out as much as possible whenever my cats were outside and gone for the day and the dogs were snoozing. Even when my pets were around, they didn't bother Tad. I think they all knew :-( Many nights, TheMIG made up a little cot in the den so he could sleep in there with him.

The last couple of days Tad all I could keep saying was that Tad looked like a, "big bag o' bones". He wasn't in any pain at all, but he was getting wobbly, eating less and less, getting loved on more and more, but last night he just couldn't get comfortable, and was starting to lose bladder control (or at least couldn't make the effort to get to the cat box anymore). This morning TheMIG brought Tad to the vet and the vet assured that given his level of toxicity, had he waited longer, he probably would have started having seisures, so I guess the timing was right.

I am sad.

I have a couple of neato pictures of him....but they are on the blown out laptop (well, some of them are on an external drive, but I cant hook it up to the iPad) I can't show them to you right now. If and when I get access again, I'll do a belated memorial type thang. The photo here on this post (and I'm hoping like hell I was able to attach it correctly) was taken just this morning while TheMIG was sitting with him waiting for the vet's office to open. I think he looks like an angel.

TheMIG and I are going to be making a little pet cemetary at the new house. We had my old cat Tramp's ashes in a box, and FlashTheLeopardGecko is entombed in a box of sand we have yet to bury. TheMIG's other cat NewMew who passed a couple of years ago is buried at his current place, but the in the bottom of a huge panter we're going to move all of them to the new house and plant a lovely little memorial garden or something.

TheMIG told me a little story about Tad. He brought him home when he was a wee little kitten, and he already had NewMew. He put wee little wobbly kitten-head Tad down in front of NewMew to introduce them to each other, and NewMew looked at him, bopped him on the head, and walked away LOL. I do recall them being better friends as they got older, though ;-)


I am sad.

Or did I already say that...?

Yes. I did.

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~Donna~ said...

I'm so sorry to hear it. Several of us folks have lots our beloved senior kitties and doggies. Is very sad.

Big hugs to you and TheMIG.

not supergirl said...

Sincere sympathy to you and your MIG.

Maggie said...

MinervaCat joins me in sending Many Blessings to Tad for safe travels to whatever's next, and to you and the MIG for gentle grieving.

painting with fire said...

Poor old puss - he looks like a sweetie and I know he'll be sorely missed! I'm so sorry!

Pickyknitter said...

Tad looks so sweet. It is so hard to lose a kitty that has been with you that long. I am glad you all had some quality time in the last few months and I hope Tad had a peaceful end. Hugs to all.

Lorena said...

Please give TheMIG a gentle kiss on the forehead for me (if that's not too forward, you know). I'm so sorry for his loss, your loss together. It sounds like Tad was very much loved - not just for his whole life, but also sweetly, truly at the end. :sniff: