Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I have way more to say than this, but I am totally out of time.

Strawberries out of those little pots I threw on the the patio at the new house. I smuggled them in to dad at the hospital for a treat.

Today was hectic. Three different crews working on the new house (painter, glass repair guy for that broken window, and the guys renovating the in-law unit). Also had to deal with the pool cover company. And many many details from the docs about dad. And then tonight was MyFavoriteKid's 8th Grade/Middle School promotion.

I cannot believe he is going to be in HIGH SCHOOL (and he's now taller than me, too).


Kathy said...

Congrats, Mom of a high schooler!

~Donna~ said...

Hope your Dad enjoyed the strawberries, they look yummy!

Yeah...mine is officially a Senior and TOWERS over me.

Every so often he calls me "Short Mom". But only when he's more than an arms length away... :)