Tuesday, June 07, 2011

perfect time for best and worse

I am so overloaded with information right now, I'm going to need to keep it simple on the blog here tonight so I can try to give my brain a chance to process it all.

Perfect time for best and worst.

Dad's biopsy came back and it's looking like he does not have the easiest-of-the-peasy diseases to deal with. They had narrowed it down to three, and for the last several days, they were saying that the blood tests trickling it were showing that dad probably had the one of the three that just happened to be the easiest to deal with. This evening that all changed. The doc sort of dropped the little mini-bomb by saying the biopsy results were in and things are more complicated, BUT he also didn't give the full details or treatment options, because hey...."we'll discuss that when we see you tomorrow" (in other words, it's kinda like telling someone they have cancer, but not what type of cancer, and not if it's stage 1 or 4 or somewhere in between. That's where the doc left things tonight. Awesome. Great night of tossing and turning for all of us involved. Ass.)
Mom is beside herself, Dad is practically writing his own obituary, and I'm over here researching the variables and compiling the list of "what to ask your doctor", and I'm also trying to remind everyone, including myself, that all the worrying in the world tonight is not going to make the answers that we will get tomorrow arrive any faster.
Stay. In. The. Moment. (*ohm*)

All of MY test results have now come back, and I aint got NOTHIN'.
The nerve conduction study on my arm that hurts shows that the the pain in my hand is not from nerve damage (good), and the x-ray didn't show any unusual degeneration (also good), so now I'm off to see a hand therapist. My standard internal girly tests were negative, and most importantly, my mammogram was clear (woot!!--I was worried about that, because I have a fibroid that changing a bit....but it's just a fibroid). My doc also ran the gamut of bloodwork tests, and every single result was right up the middle in the normal range.

I am healthy and well enough to be of support to my family.

This is good.


JohnK said...

Just to let you know, I am around and thinking of you even if I haven't commented in a loooong time.

love and hugs

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

My friend has a saying - "Better the devil you then the devil you don't"... so perhaps now that you will what devil you are dealing with, things will be 'easier', for lack of a better term.

I hope that your family finds strength in all of the millions of silent prayers that have been lifted up for you... and I know that I, for one, will continue to do so. Good luck today - and for all the love and support that you give your family, don't forget to love and support yourself as well.