Friday, July 22, 2011

maybe what i really have here is a dogblog

Remember when I knit that awesome Hap Blanket for meeeee to snuggle up in? I made it before Teeny came to live with us, but even then, I had to keep it away from Riley because he was always trying to curl his dog-stinky-self up in it.

Well, ever since Teeny had her little leg surgery, and I was supposed to keep her physically restricted, I discovered that the easiest way to keep her in one place without crating her all the time was to offer her the blanket.

She's now completely taken it over, and she snarls at you if you try to take it away.

I'm using the leftover yarn to knit her her own little doggy version of the blanket, but I don't think doing so will keep her away from the original.
I'll probably have to just knit another one for myself.
Thank goodness it was such a fun knit.