Tuesday, July 12, 2011

things still suck, so....

Because I am still stuck in the house, going nowhere....I'm still trying counteract the sucky-ness of that by inventorying the happy things that have happened the last few days.

A neighbor brought me flowers from her garden.


Blog reader Lorraine/MaidInEngland tracked me down on Ravelry and sent me along with the gift of a lovely pattern. Not only was that one totally sweet surprise, but I'm not sure I'd have ever figured out on my own what I great tool that is for perking up a knitting buddy. So thank you on both counts!! I'm stealing that method! (and it turns out that the hat pattern Lorraine sent is an awesome match for the wrap I am knitting right now....it's by the same designer!)


Being stuck at home on Doggy-Duty has given me all the time I could ever need to keep up with watching the Tour de France (although there have been soooo many crashes, it's been a bit anxiety producing at times).


My kitchen is clean. All the time.


So is my laundry.


Lorena of the comments making me laugh so hard I almost choked (so I shall now share her comments with you, too):
Excerpt of her comment on this post:
I have often wondered what I would do if I or my dog was attacked while I were walking her, and... I'm surprised you could hear the barking of the dogs over the clanging of TheMIG's giant brass balls.
And this excerpt of her comment on this post:
Ooo, and I demand that the next time someone starts a sentence to you "would you mind...." that you interrupt them with "would you mind shutting that whale vagina you call a piehole?!"

Dudette. You totally crack me up. I hope you know that should you ever have a reason to come to California, you always have a place to stay. And if you don't have a reason to come to California, maybe you should make one up.


Just now discovering, after all these years, that my friend TheBon and I both enjoy reading (relatively cheesy) romance novels.....and even better if they historical romance....and her recommending books to me that I could actually download on the spot (yay Kindle, because I can't leave the house to go to a bookstore), AAAAND.... I actually have time to READ.


Finding out that the kennel that I normally use for Riley is willing to take him at the end of the month so I can go on that trip! She totally knows me, and totally knows Riley....and come to find out, she has a whole separate set up for just this situation. It's separate from the rest of the kennel. It's a big space with it's own dog run attached, and it is out of view from the other dogs (because I'm not sure how he's going to react to other dogs by the time I go on this trip---not enough time to test things out fully). AND! She is going to take Teeny, too! She'll put them together, and she knows they will both have some lingering special post-surgery needs. And she's willing to deal with the spoon feedings and everything! I'm thrilled.
And I CAN GO!!

(I haven't told you where I am going yet, huh. Can you guess??)


I am trying really hard to keep looking for the bright side, because when I treat it like a tunnel and I look for the light at the end of the tunnel, it keeps being a train.
So bright side. Bright side. Bright side.


Lorena said...

Are you going to Sock Summit?!?!?! If you are, can I mail you a button? A few weeks ago I was joking that I have about 10 friends going to Sock Summit and none of them know each other but they'd all get on like a house on fire, and that I should get buttons made so they'd recognize each other. Then I went ahead, huge dork that I am, and got buttons made!

I'm glad I could make you smile and laugh -- I hope it helped; laughter really *is* the best medicine!


Cate said...

that is awesome news about the kennel!

and I think I know where you are going. does it have to do with socks? if so, I'm jealous. You should have a fantastic time!

not supergirl said...

So glad you can go and get some respite time... but I'm guessing not a lot of rest. You do stay busy, don't you? I'm guessing Sock Summit? Am I right?
Also, you should know that my little girl wears that kittycat t-shirt as soon as it's out of the laundry, every time. And that means she's wearing it today! :) Thank you for that bit of joy.

Robingail said...

Hey Ms Bon,

I am so glad that you have beauty and generosity and laughter and good books and good vets in your life!! So important to have good friends and neighbors!

The trip you're talking about is to Portland, I do believe : ) I think the destination within Portland is the convention center?

However, from your earlier posting, I thought you were talking about the Ravelry meetup in San Francisco next Sunday - are you gonna be at that gathering? (I hope!!)


The Bon said...

I know! I know! I know where you're going!! :D

I used to hide my love of the cheesy romance novels because "they're not good literature" and then I realized that sometimes my brain needs something that is just, not good literature. It helps me unwind and process a lot of the more heavy things I have to deal with.