Wednesday, September 07, 2011

vintage me.

Have I shown this one yet??

I do believe this is a photo of me earning my way into (or proving my worth within) the "Whole Lobster Club" (a family tradition).

I definitely know how to handle a whole lobster ;-)
I remember in culinary school watching my classmates struggle to get the meat out in one piece in order to make a fancy presentation, and I was like, "noooooooooo problemmmmm. I have me some madz lobstah skillz."

I'm not entirely sure that I am correct on this, but I believe this photo was taken on a trip to visit my mom's family on the east coast (Boston area), and I think we might even be sitting on an outdoor patio of one my mom's favorite restaurants.


Lorena said...

There are people who struggle to get the meat out in one piece? Pff. Amateurs.


not supergirl said...

Count this Iowa native as one of those amateurs who is more than willing to learn... no matter how many lobsters I must eat. :)

Also, if you have any leftover healthy dog mojo, send it this way? My Betty is feeling pretty poorly. I know it just may be here time, as she's nearly 14 years old, but I'm not ready to include her in my list of losses of 2011.

TheMIG said...

Cuddly scritches (scratch + itch = scritch) for Betty.

The Bon said...

My mom is known to help tourists figure out how to get into their lobsters at restaurants if they happen to be seated near her. Used to embarrass the heck out of me but now I find it charming.

notsupergirl said...

Thanks for the scritches for Betty; she loves them!
(She is back at the vet's clinic today to have more tests, and we're hoping for something we can fix for her.)