Tuesday, September 06, 2011

the green glass cometh

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been on the hunt for a few more pieces made of green glass to put into the bedroom at the new house. This one arrived in today's mail.

(not it's final resting place....that's my bathroom at the current house)

I'm not entirely sure this thing was intended to hold a candle. It sort of seems like it would make an awesome presentation for a giant shrimp cocktail or somethign LOL.....but at our house, it will be a candle holder. Until we get bored and do something else with it. For now it will go on the family dresser that TheMostImportantGuy inherited a couple of weekends ago. I have also scored a lovely tall green glass vase and a short little green glass dansko jar that is sort of in the shape of an ink-well. Next time I get over there and artfully arrange things I will take a nice photo.

Because our weekends have been so busy working on the house, I haven't had as much time to go to flea markets or garage sales as I would like to for these sorts of things. I have been popping into the occasional thrift shop and have also stopped a few times at a local consignment shop that has some rockbottom deals, but this particular piece you see above (as well as several others I have scored recently), I found trolling while trolling etsy.....one of my favorite, and most dangerous, places on the internet ;-)



Just wanted to say 'Hi' and to let you know that I am there with you in spirit with your new house. And also, the advancement of your relationship with your guy.

Does the Kid go the same school now?

~Donna~ said...

I have a gorgeous green glass bowl in my kitchen for my fruit. It's thick and HEAVY and I love it. Definitely of the vintage type of green glass and got it for $3 at a thrift shop in my area.

Green glass is the coolest. :)