Monday, October 10, 2011

the whooooole month of october??

If I follow the "doctor's orders", I am to eat a piece of fruit in the morning, followed by a bowl of very simple grain (rice, quinoa, oats) for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are a bowl of steamed veggies with a little butter and olive oil, and I can add a little lean and clean protein to dinner if I feel I need it (which I usually do; so far I've had lentils and chicken, and tomorrow I'm going to have some fish).

I'm supposed to do this routine for the rest of the month to clean out my system and re-set the allergy button, so to speak.

It's Day 6, and I swear I might cry if I have to look at another steamed vegetable. I love them, they're tasty, and I'm switching it up to keep it interesting....

....but I'm bored to tears.


Karen said...

Go here!!

These are the best lentils I've ever had. And remember, Day 6 is already a fifth of the way through.