Tuesday, October 11, 2011

preparing for a spa day

I got sent home from the NewDoc's office with the homework of doing something good for myself over the next couple of weeks, bonus points if I can do something healthful and detox-y for my body at the same time.

So tomorrow I'm headed up to one of my favorite places, Harbin Hot Springs. It's one of my favorite places to go, but I sadly have not been a really long time. It's got great warm spring water pools, plus a sauna. The place is rustic and relaxed, and nature abounds all around...but there's still all the amenities, even including a community kitchen so I can bring, you guessed it-- steamed vegetables. It's clothing optional around the pools (which squicks out some of my friends, but one I'm there and nekkid the bodies just sort of blend into the rest of the surroundings).

I'm going to drop MyFavoriteKid off at school, then head up. If I drop MyFK off at 7am and get right on the road, I should be happily soaking in a hot pool by 9am...then if I leave by 2, I'll even beat him home. The cool thing is that they have a mid-week rate of only twenty bucks for a 6-hour visit. It's the most affordable spa day I know of.

I'm getting myself all packed up so I hit the road at 7am, and I've downloaded Rachel Herron's new book the kindle (yay!!!) so I can have something fun to read while I relax between soaks. I am off now to steam veggies for dinner (woo hoo!...not!!) plus enough extra to pack to bring along with me tomorrow.
Maybe my veggies will be more exciting poolside :-)