Wednesday, November 09, 2011

an interesting option

I've been keeping my eye out for some carpet for the craft-room at the new house. I had been thinking about maybe using some FLOR tiles to make a small area rug because I find that they play nicely with wheelchairs. I'd been looking at the catalog and online from time to time and didn't see anything jump out at me....or maybe it's more that several things jumped out at me and I couldn't make my mind up...I dunno.

But today I got the new Flor catalog in the mail and....

....doesn't it look like knitting??

Not sure if I'll go for it or not, but certainly fun to consider.


~Donna~ said...

You could also do the center of the room in the "knitted" tiles and surround it with something solid.

I just think it's great that tiles like that are an option now.