Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just home and winding down from dance class. It's late, and I am whooped. I will share one little tidbit of info before I pass out....

As of today, the high school knitting club has 41 members (!!), complete with 2 co-presidents, a vice-president, and secretary/treasurer. They have filled out the paperwork to apply to be an official on-campus club, and they voted to name their club "Hands In Motion". One of the officers has started to develop a webpage for the club, and they are starting to research who they want to do their charity knitting for. Several of them have completed the fingerless gloves already (some just by looking at my finished pair, and not even using the pattern), and the small handful of kids that showed up already knowing how to knit are knitting their first hats and stuffed toys and whatnot. The kids are all helping each other when they get stuck, and I swear, I barely do anything for them but cheer them on.

They are very inspiring, and I am having a blast.

Then I leave the kids, head over to the senior center, tell them how great the kids are doing, and the seniors get all "dang whipper-snappers!" about it, and in retaliation, they are now all knitting fingerless gloves, too!

The kids have 3 weeks off in December, and during that time the senior center group will still be meeting. I'm going to talk to the senior center administrator and see if we can pick 1 week where the kids and the seniors can all knit together. And if she says it's against policy (which I bet she doesn't), then I'm gonna rent the clubhouse here and throw a shindig.

Because I think it would be awesome.

Knitters unite!!!


Lorena said...

You. Are. Awesome. <3!

~Donna~ said...

That is just the coolest thing ever. YAY!

Guernseygal said...

That is just so amazing! and if you CAN get the two groups together it will be awesome!

RobinGail said...

Getting the 'young whippersnappers' and the 'older & wisers' together is such a great idea! Yay you for working to make it happen!

If you want some help, let me know - it sounds like fun; I'd come up for that!