Friday, December 02, 2011

electronics piggy

For starters, let me just say...thanks for all the tips and sympathies about the Kindle. It was a first generation Kindle, I'd had it for ages, and it was well beyond warranty.

I did not know about the 20 second depress the button thing (so thanks for that, played with that JenAnderson!), but when I depressed my button (and I tried it several times) the screen started spazzing and flashing and having more lines across it.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel, you are correct. I do have an iPad, and I do have the Kindle app on it already. I know I am going to sound like a spoiled-friggin-brat for saying this, but I dont really dig reading at night before bed with the back-lit screen. I can do it. But I miss the Kindle and it's pretty-damn-close to the printed pageness.

And because of having an iPad already for everything but reading, and the fact that I don't like reading a book on a back-lit screen, I probably wouldn't get the Kindle Fire (sorry, Judy....but I have tried one, and you are right, it's awesome. If I didn't already have an iPad I would totally consider it, and *looking up at the heavens* this does not mean I am wishing for my iPad to die LOL).

I've ordered a new Kindle.
Happy Holiday to me.


Unknown said...

I am SO with you about the screen on the Kindle Fire. The brilliant thing about the Kindle is the screen. Reading on anything else is just second rate.

Enjoy your new one!

The Bon said...

We have a fire now, it was a "hey, you guys are awesome gift" from derek's boss and as much as I'm going to love it for toting knitting patterns around with me, and for playing angry birds and watching video in hotels, etc, I definitely won't be getting rid of my kindle keyboard any time soon (and Derek is hoping to get the cheapest kindle for himself) because we both agree with you that e-ink + booklight is the way to go for reading in the otherwise dark. I get serious eyestrain when I try to read with the backlight for any extended periods.

bibliogrrl said...

Which kindle did you get? I have the newest regular one (no keyboard, not touch) and I *LOVE* it.