Saturday, December 03, 2011

snaps on saturday

So many things I haven't written about, owhich once again points to my needing to be a different blogger once this round of Blog365 is over.

TheMostImortantGuy's mother went into the hospital the day after Thanksgiving. She had thought he had food poisoing from the meal (the whole family ate out together at an elegant buffet this year). It turns out that she has diverticulitis. She was released on Monday, but as we live an hour and half (at best) south of her, we left the in-person visits to TheMIG's sister wo is local.

Well, I spoke to TheMIG's mom Friday and asked how she was doing and if she needed help, and she said yes, so today we drove up and spent the day up there with her. TheMIG vacuumed her house and pulled out some holiday decorations while I took her to the grocery store (she wanted to get out, but felt too loopy to drive).

We spent the evening at the new house playing "pretend kitchen" (that's where we prattle around pretending where the sink might go, and the stove might go, etc we're now looking at the kitchen design plans being thrown our way, and quite frankly, none of them are working out so far). I suspect Sunday is where I spend the day reinventing the wheel. I do have a culinary background (I used to be a chef/caterer), and I did take a semester of restaurant design layout in culinary school, so I should probaly be making more use of my skills than I am.