Thursday, February 02, 2012

double happiness

Last year I wrote a post called "this cup is already broken," where I spoke about a much beloved, and newly chipped, coffee mug (of all things)...

....but the post wasn't really about a coffee mug; it was more about my interest in understanding my attachment to things. Several of you replied to that post, pointing out that the mug was chipped, not broken, or telling me how I might re-purpose the container or the ceramic, or directing me to where I could purchase its replacement, etc....and I replied back.

I didn't buy a replacement mug. I did in fact keep the mug, and I starting using it for odd little tasks around the kitchen, like for when I run clear water through my single cup coffee maker to clean it out, for example. Or four taking a small amount of water over to the plant that needs a sip. Mostly I just took the cup out of the cupboard and loved it, and I learned to love it even with it's chips that were so sharp I couldn't sip out out of it without cutting myself. I loved it just for what it was: something that made me happy, even though it no longer could function in the way it was made to do. It never stopped making me smile.

And then (you can guess what's coming, right?)....

Today I went into Peet's with my dad for a cup of brewed chai topped with steamed soy milk (my new favorite thing), and a small coffee for him, and I just about freaked out when I saw these at the register.

I waxed poetically about these mugs to Peetniks that giggled at me and people next to me in line that thought I was a bit insane over something so seemingly trivial (because it is, indeed, rather trivial LOL). And then I bought two. One for now, and one for....well, emergencies. hahahaha

I did at least restrain myself from buying the 4 mug gift box set that was packaged in the absolutely most adorable french hatbox ever.
I'm not that bad off.
But I'm close ;-)


~Donna~ said...

Enjoy your parisian moments. :)